RM34 Sump Setup

Installation Instructions for the RM34 (RedSea ReefMat 500) sump

We have designed this sump to be able to run 1 Red Sea® ReefMat 500 Fleece Rollermat. Very easy to drop in your RedSea ReefMat 500 and get running. No Modifications needed. This sump also gives you flexibility of using just filter socks and a refugium.

This sump will accommodate up to 2 x 4″ filter socks. It will only work with the RSR ReefMat 500 and 1 sock or with no ReefMat and 2 x 4″ filter socks. (ReefMat section can then be used as a Refugium). 2 mechanical filtration sections (Fleece Rollermat, or Filter Socks & Skimmer). We recommend this sump for tanks up to 150 gallons.

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