Dual (2) Drains into 1 ReefMat 1200

Basic connection of the RM1200 to the sump.

  • You can use the corrugated black pipe that is included with the RM1200 and the adapters that Redsea has included. But be aware that you need to use a 1.5" to 1" PVC adapter for this to work as RedSea only include a 1" PVC connection for the stock plumbing.

For higher flow we recommend using 1.5" PVC Pipe plumbed directly into the ReefMat1200 with our included 1.5" to RM adapter.

Pre Installation:

  1. Find the included 1.5" to RM adapter that we have included with your sump (It may be white or black).

  2. Connect the adapter to the input of the RM1200 as shown in See FIGURE A.1 below.

Build the PVC Manifold (See FIGURE A.2 Below)

Here is a list of the parts needed all PVC is 1.5" Sch40:

Connect the fittings together as seen in Figure A.3 and A.4. You DO NOT need to glue these pieces together.

Once you have the Dual Drain Manifold assembled, you can then attach it to the 2 drain bulkheads located inside the RM72 sump (See FIGURE A.7 below). If you are using only 1 RM1200, You can use either section for the RM1200 and use the other empty section for a refugium or other equipment. If you are using 1 RM1200 only, then you can move on to the Baffle Adjustment section.

If you are using 2 RM1200s, You will make another one of these manifolds and install it in the second chamber of the RM72 Sump.

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