Interior Rear Box Plumbing

This is an Advanced Level product. Due to hundreds of different aquarium plumbing setups, pumps, sumps, ect, Synergy Reef DOES NOT Provide specific tuning assistance with this overflow. We can provide basic installation assistance, but setup and tuning to your aquarium is up to you. This can be done by anyone as long as you take the time to properly setup your system. Proper plumbing of the overflow to the sump also plays a big part in turning the overflow, not just the internal plumbing. If you are not capable of doing this, please hire a professional to do so.

Interior Box Tuning


Dry fitting it all that is needed. —

Important Note:

The inside holes for the pipes in the rear box are made slightly larger than the PVC Pipes. The color PVC has slightly smaller tolerance than white PVC. The inside pipes will be slightly loose. This is normal.

  1. Put a small amount of PVC glue on the ends of the pipes and let it dry.

  2. It may take 2-3 layers, but the pipes will fit tightly into the holes after that is applied.

Do not glue them into the inside of the box, just put glue on the pipes themselves and create a small layer of glue and let it dry. The pipes will fit tightly as the glue acts like a gasket.

See our Basic Tuning Approach page for details on setup of the rear box internal pipes

FIGURE A.1 for finished assembly.

The length of the pipes used inside the rear box are determined by your system's design and setup. There is not a "one size fits all" answer to what you may need on your system. You may need to adjust the lengths of the pipes to work with your system. See Basic Tuning Approach for some pointers.

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