Option 3

Steps for Installation Option 3

You only need the bottom portion of the RM500 when connecting the plumbing. Remove the top roller part first! This will give you plenty of room to connect it to the sump or tank drain.

  1. Leave the 1" bulkhead in the sump.

  2. Cut an approx. 20" piece of the black RS tube.

  3. Connect the RM500 to the screw fitting on the black tube.

  4. Slide a piece of 1" PVC into the other end of the black tube.

  5. Connect the 1" PVC to the bottom of the bulkhead.

  6. NO Glue is required. Just slip fit. The Black tube will be in a semi S shape and be pointed towards the front of the sump.

  7. Plumb your aquarium drain to the 1" bulkhead.

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