Installing the RedSea ReefMat 1200 into the sump

Installing the RS ReefMat 1200

***You can use either 1 or 2 RM1200 roller mats in these sumps. The flow rate into the sump will determine whether you need 1 or 2 roller mats. Each SK5000 is rated for 1200 GPH MAX, so 2 will be 2400 GPH MAX. If using only 1 Roller mat, you can use 1 filter sock as well. For the quietest operation we recommend keeping the flow below the SK5000's Maximum flow rate.

Basic connection of the RM1200 to the sump.

  • You can use the corrugated black pipe that is included with the RM1200 and the adapters that Redsea has included. But be aware that you need to use a 1.5" to 1" PVC adapter for this to work as they only include a 1" PVC connection for the stock plumbing.

Determine how you drain into your sump. There are 2 ways to connect the RM1200 to each section in the RM72 Sump.

  1. Single drain into 1 Reefmat click here

  2. Dual Drains into 1 Reefmat click here

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