Salt Creep

How to avoid Salt Creep on the Shadow Overflow

What is Salt Creep Formation:

Salt Creep is a natural occurrence with saltwater aquariums and is common. It is formed when saltwater dries up in the air on a hard surface. The Rear Box Lid is designed to create a water tight seal on the rear box assembly to stop any water from exiting the rear box. This also creates a vacuum that helps in water flow. But it is possible for small amounts of water to seep out. Especially with high flow systems.

How to 100% Eliminate Salt Creep:

The rear box lid can be wiped down with a wet towel during regular maintenance to prevent salt creep. If you find that you are getting salt creep on the outside of the rear box, then take the lid off the box and dry it completely. Use the below Silicone grease and squeeze it inside the small channel of the edge of the lid. Make sure to put it all the way around the whole lid seal. This will 100% stop any salt creep from exiting the rear box.

The Shadow V2 & V3 have been designed to completely eliminate any salt creep on the rear box. If you own a V1 and do have salt creep, we do offer a upgrade kit. Please contact us for more information.

If you do get any salt creep formation on the V2 or V3, we recommended that you use Danco Silicone Faucet Grease (Can be found on Amazon or any local big box hardware store) inside the channel of the lid. This will create a water tight seal and prevent any salt creep from exiting the box.

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