Trouble Shooting

Basic SK Sump Troubleshooting

  1. The water level in the crash box is flowing over the top of the Crash Box Weir Baffle:

    • Make sure that your flow is not more than the recommended flow rate of the Clarisea SK5000 ( Each SK5000 is rated for 1300 GPH MAX, 2 SK5000s would be 2600 GPH MAX)

    • Did you install the proper float switch brackets? Please see the Float Switch Bracket Installation instructions for your Gen SK5000 Listed here: Gen1& Gen2 or Gen3

    • If you have the proper flow rates listed rates and proper float switch bracket installed, you may need to modify the Clarisea's input pipe as the inlet vents can restrict the flow into the clarisea. The slots in the input tube may be too small and need to be opened up to allow more flow into the clarisea. Make sure that the slots are facing upwards when installed in the Clarisea or you can get air trapped in the pipe and reduce flow rates. These slots over time can also build up with bio slime or algae and cause the SK5000 not to function properly or totally reduce flow. This needs to be done at your own risk as we are not responsible for any parts on your clariseas. Please see the photo below:

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