Float Switch Bracket Installation (SK5000 Gen3 Only)

This is for the Clarisea Gen3 Only

The SK5000 Gen3 uses a float switch that clips onto the unit. We will provide 1 x 100mm float switch bracket with your sump.

Float Switch Bracket Installation:

Before installing the SK5000 Gen3 into the sump you must first install one of the included Float Switch Bracket that came with the sump. The factory float switch bracket included with the Clarisea SK5000 unit will NOT be used with our sump as it is too short. You will receive 1 x 100mm, 3D printed Float Switch brackets with your order from us. If you choose the option for 2 Clarisea's, you will receive 2 Brackets. If you did not receive the brackets with your sump, please email us support@synergyreef.com

The brackets will determine when your roller mat advances. There are a lot of factors that influence this such as water level in the sump, GPH Flow thru your sump and sediment levels in your system. Below is a photo of our float switch bracket with the Clarisea SK5000 Gen3 float switch installed.

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