Attaching the Overflow to the Tank

Make sure to support the external plumbing properly to avoid any weight pulling down on the overflow rear box. The overflow was NOT designed to have the plumbing hanging from it. This can cause small leaks near the gaskets. We sell a few different pipe hanging clips here: 1.5″ Clic Clip or 1.5″ Cobra Clip that can assist with securing the external pipes to your aquarium stand.

  1. Remove the 2 x rear locking nuts from the front overflow box.

  2. Place 1 gasket on each of the bulkheads on the front overflow box and mount the Shadow V2 Overflow inside the aquarium by inserting the bulkheads through the holes in the aquarium (you may have just drilled these holes inside of the tank). This gasket will be between the front overflow box and the tank.

  3. Place the remaining 2 Gaskets over each bulkhead on the outside of the tank. These gaskets will be between the tank and the external box.

  4. Insert the external box through the bulkheads and secure it in place with the 2 locking nuts your removed earlier and hand tighten. Over tightening the bulkheads can cause the gaskets to leak.

  5. See figure A.1 on this page for proper gasket placement.

  6. Remove the rear box from your tank and your overflow is now ready to plumb any way you choose. **Remove the Rear Box from tank prior to gluing pipes to avoid damage.

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