Synergy Reef® SK Series Sump Installation Instructions – SK44, SK60, SK72 Sump

SK Series Installation Instructions:

Thank you for choosing the Synergy Reef SK Series Sump. These instructions will assist you in setting up your new sump. This manual is used for all SK Sumps, SK44, SK60 and SK72.

Please note that this is an Advanced level Do-It-Yourself project and is to be used with or without the Clarisea SK5000. We do not provide setup support or warranty support on the Clarisea. You would need to contact D&D Aquatics for this support. Due to hundreds of different aquarium setups, pumps, sumps, ect, Synergy Reef DOES NOT Provide system setup or design consultation. We can provide basic installation assistance, but setup and tuning to your aquarium is up to you. If you are not capable of doing this, please hire a professional to do so.

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