Installing the SK Plates onto the Clarisea SK5000:

SK Plate Installation

****You can use either 1 or 2 SK5000 roller mats in these sumps. The flow rate into the sump will determine whether you need 1 or 2 roller mats. Each SK5000 is rated for 1300 GPH MAX, 2 SK5000s would be 2600 GPH MAX. If using only 1 Roller mat, must keep in the second plug in the bulkhead. But for the quietest operation we recommend keeping the flow below the SK5000 Maximum.

  1. Install the “Crash Box Weir Baffle” if not already installed into the sump. See figure A.2:

  2. Remove the Included SK Plates from the sump if installed. Look at the orientation of the plate numbers (1 and 2) before removal. They must be put back in the same location or they will not fit. The number 1 plate will be in the front position on a Left to Right flow sump. The number 2 Plate will be in the front position on a Right to Left flow sump. See Figure A.5 below

  3. Completely assemble your SK5000 roller mats as per the instructions included with the roller mats. Get yourself acquainted with how this goes together as you will be slightly disassembling it to install the brackets later.

  4. Remove the bottom screws on the Clarisea SK5000. Also remove the water bypass triangle.

  5. Slide the Included SK Plate onto the Clarisea SK5000 unit from the bottom.

  6. Put the Clarisea SK5000 Screws back into the bottom of the unit.

  7. Remove the next set of screws on the Clarisea Sk5000.

  8. Slide the SK Plate up the SK5000 once more and install the SK5000 screws back in place. It will now look like Figure A.6

  9. Reinstall Flow Bypass Triangle on the SK5000.

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