Using 1 Clarisea and 1 Filter Sock (or No Socks)

Using 1 Clarisea and 1 Filter Sock (or no Socks) We do not recommend this setup, but it is possible to use it this way if you so choose to.

  1. If using only one Clarisea SK5000, Follow Installing the Clarisea SK5000 into the sump instructions first.

  2. Make sure the 1" Plug is screwed into the empty section where no Clarisea will be used.

  3. Install the filter sock plate and a filter sock into the empty space.

  4. We recommend at least 1 filter sock in the empty chamber to reduce noise. The sock will not have a lot of flow going thru it, so it will not be necessary to change it often.

  5. It can be run with no sock in the holder if you choose as well, but you may get some trickle noise.

  6. You are now ready to turn on your return pump on your system!

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