Basic Noise Troubleshooting
There are many reasons for excessive noise with any overflow system. Every system is going to be slightly different due to various factors in your design and installation of the plumbing. While we would love to have a blanket answer for everyone's setup, that just isn't the case. You will need to look at your system and evaluate what may be causing the noise.
Here are some important things to look for in your setup to begin troubleshooting:
  • Check you internal pipe lengths and make sure they are set properly for your flow rates. Different rates will require different pipe lengths.
  • Was the proper gate valve used? Do not use a ball valve, only use a gate valve to properly tune the overflow.
  • Are there any internal flow pumps in the aquarium. If so, are they pointed at the overflow front weir? This will introduce noise into the front weir. Try angling the flow pumps away from or down in your aquarium.
  • What is your flow rate of the Pump to your tank? Are you running a over 2500 GPH? Try reducing the flow rate.
See Basic Tuning Approach for more details on reducing noise.
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