Synergy Reef Docs

V2 & V3 Overview

Basic Understanding of the Shadow V2 & V3 Overflow
Thank you for choosing the Synergy Reef Shadow® Overflow. These installation instructions are for Our V2 & V3 overflows with a serial number 5000 and up. If your overflow has a serial number less than 5000, please do not use these instructions and use the instructions for the V1 Shadow® overflow.
The V3 now includes a Quiet Flow™ Weir design which uses an internal plate inside the front box of the overflow. Please make sure to remove the tape that holds this in place during shipping. The Front weir plate may also need to be removed and cleaned from time to time, but should be almost maintenance free. See Internal Front Box
Please note that this is an Advanced level Do-It-Yourself project and can be installed in either glass or acrylic aquariums. Due to hundreds of different aquarium setups, pumps, sumps, ect, Synergy Reef DOES NOT Provide specific tuning assistance with this overflow. We can provide basic installation assistance, but setup and tuning to your aquarium is up to you. If you are not capable of doing this, please hire a professional to do so. Always keep in mind that working with power tools, glass and acrylic have inherent dangers, including personal injury, electrocution, accidental death, or cracked glass, so please be careful and wear gloves, shoes, pants, eye protection, etc… You are installing this at your own risk! If you have any questions or concerns, please contact us.
Overview of the Components of the Shadow V2 Overflow
****We include a small plastic piece with the overflow to use as a key to remove the front snap fit weir. You can use this or any small item to remove the weir. Figure A.4 shows what the key looks like.
Figure A.4
Side Cross Section of the Shadow Overflow