What's Needed to Install The Shadow® V2 or V3 Overflow

Tools and other items needed to install.
Prior to installation, be sure that you have everything you will need to complete the installation. This includes, but is not limited to the following:
  • Aquarium, either glass or acrylic, if it’s glass please make sure the panel you are going to drill is NOT TEMPERED! If you are uncertain about this then STOP and please contact the tank manufacturer. If you attempt to drill a tempered panel, it will shatter.
  • Cordless drill with adjustable clutch. We recommend the use of a cordless drill to avoid electrocution, as water needs to be applied over the hole saw during drilling. The clutch will limit torque transfer to the glass, reducing the chances of cracking the glass. Always set your torque (clutch) to the lowest level on the drill and adjust accordingly, patience is a virtue when drilling glass.
  • Drilling template (included with the Shadow V2 Overflow Kit and you can download it here https://synergyreef.com/Manuals/Synergy_Reef_Drilling_Template_16_Shadow.pdf).
  • Tape measure, to determine mounting location.
  • Permanent Marker or wax pencil to mark mounting location.
  • Spring clamps and/or double sided tape to hold the template in place while you drill.
  • Water source. Spray bottle, garden hose, bucket, etc…
  • Correct Holesaw: We recommend a 63 mm Diamond Holesaw for best results. If a 63 mm is not available, you can also use a 65 mm Diamond Holesaw for both our 16” Shadow V1 and v2 Overflow. – For glass you will need to purchase a diamond coated holesaw bit – For acrylic you will need a standard holesaw bit with teeth sold at most home improvement stores.
  • Synergy Reef Shadow Overflow Kit.
  • 1.5” PVC for internal box and external plumbing. We have pre cut Internal pipe kits available here in many colors.
  • Standard PVC Glue Medium or heavy recommended. See Also What Glue Type?